Tile Installations for Kitchen, Bath, and Fireplaces


A kitchen backsplash protects the walls and zones behind the sink, range, and food preparation areas. While it can be simple for functionality, it can also change the entire kitchen ambience. Tile installations are perfect for upkeep, cleaning, and maintenance. Marble backsplashes are a great addition to any kitchen to give it a luxurious and rich feeling. Subway tiles now are available in many colors other than white. The subway tiles provide a clean and tidy display while adding color to a kitchen. In larger areas, a unique design over a range can be an accent wall to a kitchen.

Bathroom Tile

Maintenance and Durability are always a high priority in bathroom tile and shower wall installations. Ceramic tile is recommended for sleek bathrooms wanting that smooth finish with durability. Glass tiles are recommended for sleek wall bathroom designs. Porcelain tiles are the traditional bathroom installations that are great for both the floor and walls. For shower bathroom installations, Tiles can be used to create a recessed shelf for shampoo and conditioner storage.


Tile Flooring can be installed anywhere in the house, from the kitchen, bathroom, hallways and even living rooms. One benefit of tile flooring over wood is that it's waterproof. Not just for bathrooms, tile flooring also can give each home a customized design. Whether its diagonal, mosaic or with design borders, tile flooring adds another customization to each home. In the kitchen, tile can easily be complemented to wood cabinets. The backsplash in the kitchen can have a similar shade on tile flooring to bring the room together.


Fireplaces can be a great accent to any room. However, a fireplace that is dated can also bring down a room. Tile installations surrounding a fireplace can totally elevate the design of a room. A Tiled Fireplace can be extended to the ceiling to make it an accent wall or it can also be as simple as adding a unique design around the fireplace to add some color to a room. Looking for an eclectic fireplace? One design option is to create a mantle with diagonal and crisscross tiles for texture. Stone tiles can be also be a great option to bring a rustic and natural ambience into a room. Looking for a fireplace refresh? A simple solution to standalone fireplaces is to replace the tile flooring around the stove. Adding color and different tiles can be used to give a patchwork like feeling.